About Us

Cosie London is a decor and lifestyle brand, which brings distinguished Asian craftsmanship to London. We want to bring a touch of cosiness to everybody’s life, that’s why we are called COSIE. Our products are hand-made, environmentally friendly, with a unique design and made from high-quality fabrics. So, Let's get Cosie. 


Our products: 

Flower Room Diffuser

Every home has at least one fragrance that makes it feel like a safe space. So we’ve designed six unique fragrances for diffusers to fit and elevate every mood you want to experience at home. The Cosie fragrances are blended by a specialised perfumer, and we’ve experimented with a variety of scents before our final signature blends were ready. We are using Sola wood flowers bouquets for each diffuser instead of the classic wooden sticks. Sola wood flowers (or shola) are an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to cut flowers, they are made from the renewable wood of a marshy plant, they look natural and chic, and last a lifetime. Each scent was inspired by a different mood, find out more about each of them:

  • Sex In The Wood 
  • Vanilla Sundaze
  • Rosie! Rosie!
  • Grandma's Garden
  • Land Of Sunshine

When you’ve got stylish diffusers, you definitely need some tableware to work with them. The Cosie tableware is handcrafted from high-quality clay in Northern Thailand. Our partner crafters are part of a family-run pottery studio, that has been producing luxury ceramic tableware since 1986.


Handmade Ceramics

The ceramics featured on our website have organic and imperfect shapes, a design we call Free-form (ideas: Free-shape / Fluid-form / Fluid-shape / Dynamic-form) inspired by the Wabi-Sabi aesthetic (link to the blog article about this). They come in soft colours, with a distinguished ceramic texture for a special feel and look. Each Cosie ceramic piece is different, with a unique shape that reminds us to find joy through imperfections...

After styling your house with Cosie items, you definitely need an outfit with the same vibe. Cosie Boutique, is a clothing line, made from cotton and premium linen. Soft, comfortable, but with a twist, so that every day feels like a summer day. We love vintage fashion, and we believe in reusing and restyling, so we will also have a Cosie Reused line. We’ve worked the Pao, a Thai designer to create one-of-a-kind clothes, from vintage, old stock fabrics 



Our values & promise:

Here, at Cosie London, we believe in quality, originality, craft, and sustainability. We promise to deliver that through our products, content, and communication. You deserve the best for your home and style, and we are here to help while caring for the environment.